This Shady Mariah Carey Impersonation Wins Halloween

This Shady Mariah Carey Impersonation Wins Halloween

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Who can forget Mariah Carey’s viral “performance” from earlier this year that left everyone wanting a whole lot more from the diva? Well, blogger and “digital influencer” Chasity Garner Valentine decided to pay homage to the performance for Halloween, and the result is gag-worthy.

Garner Valentine first shared video of her performing side by side with video of Carey doing the same performance from a few months ago.

Later, Garner Valentine shared video of just herself, to shout-out her incredible back up dancers that got cropped out of the first one.

The videos have a combined total of more than 136,000 views as of press time.

In a post on her blog titled “Halloween 2017: Fat Mariah,” Garner Valentine wrote:

I knew exactly what I wanted to be for Halloween when I saw the Mariah on stage giving you a smidgen of a dance routine. I loved it. I watched it like 100 times. I thought it was hilarious, but I love that Mariah does exactly what she wants to do and how she wants to do. She’s a legend. In addition to giving you an amazing voice, she gives you diva in the true sense of the word.

Commenters on the video praised the blogger for her performance. One commented, “You actually put more effort into your performance,” and another said, “I cannot even deal!”

A very Barbra Streisand move

Carey made headlines last week for performing at Karl Lagerfeld’s birthday dinner at The Standard Hotel in New York City. Not for her vocal abilities, but because of her diva-like behavior, of course.

Page Six reported:

“She asked photographers to move to the left side of the room as she preferred to be shot from the other angle when she performs,” said a source at the V Magazine-hosted event.

A very Barbra Streisand move (who only likes to be shot from her “good side,” also the left).

Lady Bunny was there at the event and got video of her performance — from Mariah’s right side:

What do you think of the Mariah Carey impersonation?