Three Royal Marines Were Kicked Out of the Military For Making a Drunken Sex Tape

Three Royal Marines Were Kicked Out of the Military For Making a Drunken Sex Tape

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Three men have been kicked out of the military for making a Marines sex tape.

Luke Bowen, Jordan Coia and Ben James were  arrested at the DeVito’s nightclub in Arbroath, Scotland. The three had been caught on Closed Circuit TV footage drinking each other’s urine and engaging in oral sex acts. When a security guard came along to check on them, they quickly dressed.

According to the police report:

The footage shows a former co-accused turning around and beginning to urinate. Luke Bowen then comes towards him, bends down with his head at the other man’s crotch and is seen to be drinking the urine. Luke Bowen then undoes his belt and begins to urinate then drinks his own urine.

Ben James then bends down and drinks Luke Bowen’s urine who then places his penis in James’s mouth. Jordan Coia then bends over and does the same. Craig Lynch then bends down and places Bowen’s penis in his mouth and Bowen then grabs his head and pushes it back and forward imitating a sex act. Bowen then pulls his trousers up just as the security guard is seen to enter the picture.

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The three men all pleaded guilty on charges of public indecency. While they were kicked out of the Royal Marines, their sentence was otherwise light. All received community service; Bowen will serve 300 hours, Coia 225 hours and James 240 hours. The judge ruled there was “no significant sexual element” to the crime, so the men will neither serve time in jail nor be placed on the sex offender registry.

Lynne Sturrock, Bowen’s attorney said:

He had hoped this would be a lifelong career but it has been brought to an end. He’s ashamed and embarrassed at this incident and his family and friends now are all aware of the circumstances of it.


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