Despite What You Heard, Mario Lopez Wasn’t ‘Assaulted’ in a Vegas Spa Locker Room

Despite What You Heard, Mario Lopez Wasn’t ‘Assaulted’ in a Vegas Spa Locker Room

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Despite the rumors circulating on the internet, Mario Lopez wasn’t assaulted in a Las Vegas spa after a dip in the whirlpool. But his phone did get smashed.

On his way out of the locker room at the Planet Hollywood Spa by Mandara in Vegas, Lopez reportedly bumped into another person.

Mario said “Excuse me” to the man, who asked, “You got a problem?” The man then threatened to make physical contact, but thankfully for all of us, an employee got between them before any damage could be done to Lopez’s beautiful face.

However, Lopez left his phone on one of the locker room benches. When he went back to retrieve it, the guy suddenly grabbed Lopez’s phone and threw it against a wall … smashing it to pieces.

Hotel security arrived soon and cops were called as well. Law enforcement sources tell TMZ they responded but no arrests were made as Lopez refused to press charges.

The hotel did replace his phone.

Speaking of locker rooms, who can forget Lopez’s brilliantly homo-erotic shower scene from the FX drama series Nip/Tuck? Lopez guest-starred as a plastic surgeon who drives Christian Troy to jealousy when he sees him naked in the shower during the show’s fourth season, which began in fall 2006.

Why was Troy’s character so jealous? Because Lopez’s character is very, very … well-endowed.

Maybe life imitates art and that’s why the guy in Vegas got so pushy too. Who knows? But we think Lopez is a pretty cool guy for letting it all go.

Now, we leave you with this photo of Mario Lopez as Greg Louganis for the 1997 film Breaking the Surface: The Greg Louganis Story.

Feel free to download it for use as your desktop wallpaper, phone background, living room ceiling mural and anywhere else you feel may need to that delicious profile of his beautiful bod.

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