Married Gay Man Becomes New Mayor in Rural Village of Poland

Married Gay Man Becomes New Mayor in Rural Village of Poland

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The small village of Bobrowniki in northern Poland has just elected its new mayor who is gay. In this country renowned for its conservative views on homosexuality, this news did not go unnoticed and many media outlets relayed the information after interviewing villagers. The mayor, Łukasz Włodarczyk, won 88% of the vote.

Włodarczyk got married in Scotland to Luke, his boyfriend of four years Luke, but his union is not recognized in Poland. After marrying, Włodarczyk returned to his village and won the municipal election handily.

Improving his home village

“He is very polite, educated, pleasant,” one female villager told newspapers. According to local reports, people didn’t see Włodarczyk as merely a gay person but as someone who could help develop the city. Concurrently, Włodarczyk was able to organize a local ceremony to celebrate his wedding, without any incident.

But the new mayor regrets that his home country doesn’t recognize he and his husband as a full-fledged couple. In Poland, a country of more than 38 million inhabitants, Włodarczyk’s election resembles a small but significant phenomenon. The positive reactions of Bobrowniki’s inhabitants may help change minds about gay people elsewhere in the Poland, and the world.

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