Marvel’s Fear Itself Trailer

Marvel’s Fear Itself Trailer

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It’s hardly a secret that the second great love of my life is comic books. The first is a toss up between my handsome partner and well, dirty puns. Marvel Comics is ramping up toward 2011’s big intercompany crossover, Fear Itself. Matt Fraction and Stuart Immomen have stolen the keys to the company car from Bendis and Millar for the summer, and I’m excited to see what they have in store for us.

From what we know so far, Thor’s father Odin put the sleeper hold magic on a big baddie back in the day, and now that he is back, shit is hitting the fan. Thor’s hammer, Mjolnir, apparently has eight siblings that nobody ever realized. The premise is reminiscent of Geoff Johns building of the different colored corps in recent years in Green Lantern for DC Comics. A hammer and chosen one for each of the nine worlds? I’m sold.

The fact that a company with a cornerstone in print publication is using video to promote its work is testament to the brave, new, digital world we are living in. It’s very cool to see Marvel rising to the occasion.

Will you be reading Fear Itself?

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