MD Senator Changes Mind; Supports Gay Marriage After Hearing Gays Called Pedophiles

MD Senator Changes Mind; Supports Gay Marriage After Hearing Gays Called Pedophiles

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Maryland Senator Jim Brochin (D) has made a 180 turn on gay marriage after hearing opponents use what he describes as “appalling” propaganda on the issue.

The Baltimore County Senator was prepared to vote against legalizing marriage equality in the state, but after seeing opponents of LGBT rights refer to gays as “pedophiles”, Brochin made up his mind to take a stand. Robert Broadus’ testimony before a Maryland court that gay marriage would lead to people marrying androids, and interspecies marriage is also said to have played an influence in helping Brochin make up his mind.

Brochin’s vote brings the projected yeas on the controversial same-sex marriage bill to 21. It will need 24 to pass.

There’s a lesson here, folks. Americans are becoming sick and tired of having right-wing nutjobs whip them up into a frenzy. Fox News misinforms its viewers, the National Organization for Marriage makes up data about gay parents, and conservative politicians use scare tactics to bully their opinions into law. We say it all the time here, but sanity will prevail in the end. With this Senator, we’re lucky enough to witness him publicly discussing it.

Are you happy to welcome Senator Brochin to the fight for marriage equality?

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