Which ‘Drag Race’ All Star Teamed Up with Madonna for a New ‘MDNA Skin’ Campaign Video?

Which ‘Drag Race’ All Star Teamed Up with Madonna for a New ‘MDNA Skin’ Campaign Video?

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Before she gets ready to slay the competition on RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 3, drag queen Milk has teamed up with Madonna for a MDNA Skin campaign video. The clip, titled “Express Yourself,” is promoting the Queen of Pop’s new skin care line that was released in September.

With Madonna as the video’s narrator, the viewer goes behind-the-scenes at a photoshoot where a person dons classic Madonna looks. From the Jean Paul Gaultier-designed cone bra worn during her 1990 Blond Ambition tour to her disco workout look worn during the video for “Hung Up,” the subject of the photo shoot vogues with confidence.

“Over the years I’ve had the opportunity to embody many personas — to express myself but always remain myself,’ Madonna narrates, continuing:

People think that being a star is about being fabulous, being in the spotlight, having your picture taken all the time and having everyone worship and adore you. And you know what? They’re right. But that’s all on the surface. Take a deeper look to find what lies beneath. I dare you. I want to start a revolution of love. This will be a revolution of being who you are. Someone unique and rare and fearless. Love yourself. Love your skin.

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As the black-and-white video comes to a close, the audience discovers that it’s not actually Madonna herself posing, but Milk.

“I am incredibly honored to join together with Madonna and promote love and uniqueness,” Milk said in an interview with Mic. “I have always strived to be honest with my drag and art and to collaborate with someone who is just as truthful is completely surreal!”

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Fans are loving the clip. One wrote, “This is such a beautiful advertisement! Gives such a wonderful message. Also, good choice of using Milk! (She does a body good!)” Another adds, “Queen of LGBTQ, Legend.”

Watch the MDNA Skin campaign video here:

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