This Week’s Must-Haves: MDNA Skin by Madonna, Taco Bell Apparel and a Rocketship Culture

This Week’s Must-Haves: MDNA Skin by Madonna, Taco Bell Apparel and a Rocketship

Written by Charles Thompson-Wang on October 16, 2017
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From Madonna’s newest non-music project to Taco Bell’s new non-food product launch, it’s a good week for stepping out of your comfort zone. We take a look at those — plus a potential way to travel around the world in under an hour in this week’s must-haves!

1. MDNA SKIN by Madonna

Want to know Madonna’s secret to looking young and fresh all these years? Madonna revealed her answer earlier this week — her specialized skincare products, MDNA SKIN. Co-developed by Madonna and MDNA SKIN’s Japanese parent company MTG, this collection consists of high-quality facial products. From a chrome clay mask to the face wash for your daily beauty routine — Madonna’s taking care of your skin.

What makes this skincare line special — aside from Madonna’s name and reputation? It’s the secret ingredient, derived from four natural springs in Montecatini. MDNA SKIN is currently only available in Barneys New York and selected stores in Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong. Don’t despair, though — more products like a Reinvention Cream and an Onyx Black Beauty Roller will launch in the US around November.

Of course, looking as flawless as Madonna comes with a price. The rejuvenator set (the skin rejuvenator and chrome clay mask) costs about $560. If you’re interested in MDNA SKIN, go to mdnaskin.com for the whole product lineup.

2. Gavino by Bally x Swizz

must haves bally sneakers mdna skin

The Swiss company Bally has been famous for their leather goods since 1851. Even though they’re over 150 years old, they’re staying fresh and hip with this collaboration with Swizz Beatz. If you’re not as up-to-date as Bally, Swizz Beatz is not just a top American hip hop recording artist, he’s also Alicia Keys’ husband.

The result of this collaboration are these Gavino sneakers. They boast a print by artist Ricardo Cavolo with contrasting suede and leather detail work. These lace-up sneakers also feature Strobel construction, letting the rubber sole retain a stylish finish while still being flexible and durable. For $425, you will look dashing (pun totally intended). bally.com

3. Taco Bell x Forever 21 Collection

must haves taco bell forever 21 mdna skin

We are not making this up. Taco Bell — yes, the fast food chain — is launching a clothing line with Forever 21. The collection includes tops, bodysuits, sweatshirts, hoodies and anorak jackets for guys and girls. Taco Bell promises this youthful collection is “updated with pops of color and distinctive illustrations that effortlessly bring the heat.”

Like this millennial pink pullover sweatshirt with Taco Bell’s “Live Mas” slogan embroidered on it, Taco Bell guarantees this new fashion line will be hotter than “Diablo Hot Sauce.” Arriving at selected Forever 21 stores on October 11th, you can finally wear your favorite fast food on your chest loud and proud (but, this time, not as stains).

4. BRF Spacecraft by SpaceX

must haves space craft  mdna skin

Just imagine if you could travel anywhere in the world in less than an hour. Elon Musk, the innovative billionaire entrepreneur, unveiled his most ambitious proposal this week: intercontinental rocket flights for passengers.

According to their plans, the BFR spacecraft, created by Musk’s company SpaceX, can take up to 100 passengers in this rocketship anywhere in as little as 22 minutes. Wouldn’t you like to go from NYC to London in a half hour?

The best news about this project? A ticket costs roughly as much as an economy flight on a passenger jet. However, this service won’t be available until 2024 — so we’re stuck with normal planes for the time being.

5. MiniPresso GR Espresso Maker

must haves coffee maker  mdna skin

Coffee aficionados need this fantastic gadget. If you’ve ever wished you could get your caffeine fix anywhere in the world, this is for you.The Minipresso espresso maker will be your best friend on the road. This Minipresso can make espresso anywhere — it’s hand-operated so you won’t need batteries or an outlet. The sleek, modern design means it’s easy to handle. For just $52 at amazon.com, you won’t need to rely on Starbucks anymore.

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