Sexy Chef Franco Noriega Has Cooked Up an Impressive Latin Pop Song and Video

Sexy Chef Franco Noriega Has Cooked Up an Impressive Latin Pop Song and Video

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Thirst-trap chef Franco Noriega is known for his cooking skills, entrepreneurial spirit, killer body and smoldering good looks. But he’s also currently establishing himself as a Latin pop star, and surprisingly, his new music video suggests that this new gig might actually stick. The video is for his track “Me Aceleras” (“You Accelerate Me”) that came out in late 2017.

Between the steamy video’s takes of Noriega writhing around on a bed in nothing but his underwear, the chef also cuts a rug with some talented backup dancers in Miami. We were hesitant about Noriega’s song and the video that accompanies it, but we’re impressed with not only his singing skills but his ability to move.

Noriega revealed his banana (and other fruits of his loom) to our friends over at Paper Magazine earlier this year. The sexy photo shoot accompanied a detailed interview and sensual video titled “Food Porn.” In the article, he opened up about trying to become a singer.

“I’m super excited for everything about singing, because it’s so new,” he said. “When something is so new, there’s nothing really that can go wrong. Because you had nothing before this. There’s a beauty in the freedom of the unknown.”

Chef Franco Noriega in ‘Me Aceleras’

In his interview with Paper, Chef Franco Noriega also opened up about his thoughts on the recent #MeToo reckoning on sexual harassment in the workplace, which saw many celebrity chefs held accountable for their behavior in their kitchen.

Noriega adds that his sense of personal attraction isn’t about dominance but rather confidence.

“I encourage people to really try to be healthy because it’s not only about the outside and the aesthetics of how you look — it’s also how you feel,” he says. “It’s great when people are able to fit in jeans or in a dress they like, but it’s also great because they have a sense of security that’s very important.”

What do you think of chef Franco Noriega’s new track “Me Aceleras”? Sound off in the comments below and on Facebook.

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