MEAT Zine’s Sexy, Diverse Men Will Make Your Mouth Water (Photos)

MEAT Zine’s Sexy, Diverse Men Will Make Your Mouth Water (Photos)

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Most gay media idealizes perfectly manicured, muscular bodies that fit an old-fashioned racial and physical type. Tired of body shaming he saw in the gay community, photographer Adrian Lourie began celebrating “ordinary” gay men by taking their pictures and publishing them in MEAT, a London-based gay pinup fanzine.

Over the course of autumn 2016, Lourie travelled to Berlin and did 17 photoshoots in four days. His shots will soon appear in the upcoming edition of MEAT, but we discovered some preview images and wanted to share them first. We love how they depict older, larger-bodied and Asian men, all of which rarely get love in mainstream gay media.

You can also check out more mouth-watering MEAT shots at their Tumblr.

You can order MEAT’s upcoming issue or follow MEAT on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

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