The Best Boys from Brazil are our #HornetGuys!

The Best Boys from Brazil are our #HornetGuys!

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Brazil had the world’s eyes on it this summer for the Rio 2016 Olympics — and even though he wasn’t Brazilian himself, Tonga’s hot flag bearer made us want to explore the sexy Hornet Guys who actually DO live in Brazil!


Flavious is one of our first #HornetGuys, this nice Brazilian “garoto” is 29-years-old and he loves getting a nice tan on that sexy body of his! His smooth skin with just the right amount of hair loves to take the sun on the beautiful beaches of Rio de Janeiro.

For Flavious, it all starts with a simple conversation, so go talk to him on Hornet! He is versatile by the way! Click on this link: or look for his username on the app: @9tx5e


Meet JGR, another one of our #HornetGuys. He is a sexy musician from Sao Paulo, currently living in Rio de Janeiro. This attractive garoto is a bottom and is looking for big ‘tools’. JGR is very athletic and loves to exercise.

When you go talk to him, you’ll find a very chill, cool and friendly guy! He likes receiving your pictures, so go get his attention on Hornet by clicking here:

Artur Zeno@1ye96

Sexy Brazilian Artur Zeno is our #HornetGuy of the day! He lives in Rio de Janeiro, enjoys swimming and rock-and-roll music (especially The Beatles) and has some experience working in film. He also has an irresistibly beautiful beard, he rocks a square-cut speedo, is a top, and has a tattoo on his pec that reads, “Love has no gender.”

He’s handsome, friendly and waiting to talk to you! Hit him up at or drop him a message using his Hornet username 1ye96 — plus, because Hornet’s so big in Brazil, you can meet lots of other friendly dudes. Log in and start chatting!


Our #HornetGuy of the day is Tom, a discreet Brazilian man looking for something casual, as you’ll see in his description. He is 29 years old and is ready to start the conversation — so go ahead and connect with him here:! We know you’ll have fun with this really attractive man.


If you’re looking for a workout partner or just someone to make you sweat, you should meet Holmes, a 20-year-old student from Rio de Janeiro who loves volleyball, jogging and meeting new people. When he’s not busy studying or working out, Holmes enjoys listening to music, hanging out with friends, and slipping out of his workout gear to hit the town in a pair of torn jeans.

Holmes is also in an open relationship, so whether you’re looking for chat, a new friend or a possible date, he’s your man (and did we mention his chiseled arms and six-pack? Wow. Just wow.). You can find him at or hit him up on Hornet using his username 1k1lo — he’s a great #HornetGuy. Stop by and say hello!


Brazil brings us Ed, a very young #HornetGuy who just turned 22! His perfect date is anywhere where you can have a great talk and drink some beer! Go hit him up on Hornet: or look for his username @edjr22.

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