Meet the #HornetGuys from New York!

Meet the #HornetGuys from New York!

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Every day, Hornet selects the hottest guys from their millions of users. This past week, the winners were chosen from one of the biggest and most brightest cities in the world, New York! Add them all on your Hornet favorites and get to know more about these hunks!

Paul: @wellhunk

His name is Paul, we know you are already melting and drooling for this #HornetGuy! As you can see he is one sexy hunk and he is looking for someone who enjoys an active life and can keep up with this lifestyle.

Paul loves a nice romantic date and why not after that, get to the club and then if the night goes well, spend the night together. This 36-year-old man could make your dreams come true, go hit him up on Hornet: or look for him with his username “wellhunk”.

Chris: @ckastoria

Chris is an attractive single, bi man who lives in Queens, NY (to be more specific — Astoria, as his username reveals…) and he is ready to meet you! Chris is very connected to art and sports as he is an artist, a writer and a personal trainer, he also enjoys outdoor activities such as hiking and camping.

If you are into politics, then you can have a meaningful talk with him, he loves talking about politics as well as being naked… His perfect date involves drinks. Click here from your phone to get in touch with him: or look for his username on Hornet: ckastoria. #HornetGuy

Lucas: @gzvfe

Sexy, latino, sporty and fun! That’s all you need to know about Lucas to start melting for him! He loves traveling, hanging out with his friends and cooking a nice tasty recipe for his loved ones!

Originally from South America, but living in NYC which means he has that fire, passion and latin rhythm that you need. He’s in the HR business and looking for a LTR (yes, he is looking for a Long Term Relationship). He has two ideal dates, either dinner and a movie or drinks and dance night out. Get in touch with him here: or look for him with his username: gzvfe — Don’t be shy, go and say hi! #HornetGuy

Luc: @bc5gz

This upbeat, charming and sexy activist is from New York City and his name is Luc. Our #HornetGuy of the day is a Midtown professional in Downtown and he always has the best attitude.

Luc is a very proud and empowered gay man, who dedicates most of his activism to the Asian gay community in the United States. He loves traveling, meeting fun new people and playing #PokemonGo. Luc enjoys a good party, so feel free to invite him for a drink at your favorite NYC bar. You could spot him here: or find him with his username bc5gz on Hornet.

Steven: @77brs

Are you looking for a sexy young cub? Then you should meet Steven, a 22-year-old photographer from New York City, who rocks a very stylish and suitable light stubble beard. He is not only hot, but also our #HornetGuy of the day!

Steven is a very confident gentleman, comfortable on his skin and who loves meeting real, upfront people on Hornet. In his ideal date there must be a drink, so make sure you take your cub to a bar or to the club. Hit him up here: or look for his Hornet profile with his username 77brs — you two will have a great time!

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