Meet the #HornetGuys from Taiwan!

Meet the #HornetGuys from Taiwan!

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Every day, gay social app Hornet rewards the sexiest men by sharing their photos and profiles for the world to see. Meet the winners from this past week — and by an amazing coincidence, they all also happen to be the contestants of Mr Gay Taiwan 2017. We know you’ll fall in love a few times!

Melvin: @starstarstar

Today we introduce you to Melvin, who’s not only our sexy #HornetGuy of the day but also he is a contestant of the Third Annual Mr Gay Taiwan 台灣同志先生選拔, that is taking place this October 29.

One of his hobbies is to read english books and play with his friend’s dog. Melvin loves pets and exercise is very important for him — he plays volleyball. Sometimes he spends time with friends, enjoys watching movies and tasting some fancy foods.

This contest is very important for him as he wants to show the best of himself, Melvin is proud of being gay and he wants to expand this pride by helping other. You can catch up with Melvin here

Allen: @dalima-isdadan

Our #HornetGuy is another sexy contestant of the Mr Gay Taiwan 台灣同志先生選拔 and his name is Allen, he is from the enigmatic city of Kaohsiung. Allen is a proud gay man who loves making new friends on Hornet, you can spot him here: or looking for his username: dalima-isdadan.

Allen is an active gentleman, he enjoys playing basketball and to go running. One of his many hobbies is write on his journal. Allen loves his dog so in case you want to be with him, you’ll have to love animals as well!


Touya is our #HornetGuy and this photo pretty much sums up all of his sexual attraction, don’t you agree? He is a 22-year-old finalist of the Mr Gay Taiwan 台灣同志先生選拔 and lives in Taipei!

He wants to promote a friendlier environment for all the LGBT groups in his country and hopes he can change the stigmatization that exists in Taiwan by being the winner of the contest.

Click here to talk to him on Hornet: or use his username 28stb, to find him on the App.

Ryan: @435fw

“I’m looking for a guy who makes me wanna go home right after work” — that’s what Ryan has on his Hornet profile, and that not only says he is looking for someone to connect in a very special way, but also that he is a committed person.

Ryan would love to explore the world with you and take you to new places. He decided to participate in the Mr Gay Taiwan 台灣同志先生選拔 to show the world the sexiness and confidence of Taiwanese men, Ryan also wants that every Taiwanese gay man get to understand that it’s not just about looks and that you can make yourself sexy with confidence and inner values.

As you can see our #HornetGuy is not only sexy, but centered and has a big heart, get to know him a little bit better here:

Justin: @11dvt

He is a 29-years-old taiwanese man with simple interests, in which he includes; travel around the world, go to the movies and MEN! Justin is a competitor on the Mr Gay Taiwan 台灣同志先生選拔

As you can see Justin is a very sporty man! He is not too complicated, the way to get to him is by starting up the conversation on Hornet: and then invite him for drinks or a movie and if the night goes well, play it by ear.

He entered in the competition because he wants people to hear and know that LGBTs are no different and he also wants to make gay marriage happen in Taiwan, as this is one of his dreams, to get married in his beautiful country.

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