Meet The Mr. Gay Taiwan Finalists: Jayden (李嘉豪)

Meet The Mr. Gay Taiwan Finalists: Jayden (李嘉豪)

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The third annual Mr. Gay Taiwan is happening this October 29! After three categories — formal wear, casual wear and swimwear — and a question round, the winner will be sent to the Mr. Gay World 2017 competition! We’re taking a look at the hosts and all the contestants. Mr. Gay Taiwan is proudly sponsored by the gay social app Hornet.

The most important thing about competitions like Mr. Gay Taiwan is to get to know the contestants! Jayden, one of seven finalists, sat down with Unicorn Booty to give us a peek at who he really is.

Unicorn Booty: Why do you want to be Mr. Gay Taiwan?

Jayden: Nowadays, I consider that no matter if you’re homosexual, bisexual, lesbian or transgender, everyone deserves to have his or her human rights. I hope Mr. Gay Taiwan may be able to let more people understand and embrace those communities. I hope that if I use all my power and influence, the world will be different in the future. I am still convinced that “love” lives around the world and in our minds.

What challenges does the LGBTQ community face in Taiwan?

I think that the challenge we encounter in Taiwan is ignorance, empathy and discrimination. First of all, people in Taiwan are busy with their work and their life so they didn’t pay more time to understand the LGBTQ community in Taiwan. That is ignorance for the Taiwanese, but also our challenge.

Some people in Taiwan don’t have empathy because they don’t care. This apathy can cause devastating damage to us. Last but not least, discrimination still exists in Taiwan — if we can’t eliminate it, not only Taiwan, but also other countries, will be at odds with their people.



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