Meet The Mr. Gay Taiwan Finalists: Justin

Meet The Mr. Gay Taiwan Finalists: Justin

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The third annual Mr. Gay Taiwan is happening this October 29! After three categories — formal wear, casual wear and swimwear — and a question round, the winner will be sent to the Mr. Gay World 2017 competition! We’re taking a look at the hosts and all the contestants. Mr. Gay Taiwan is proudly sponsored by the gay social app Hornet.

Meet Justin, one of your Mr. Gay Taiwan finalists — and like all of them, he’s fighting for the right to get married in his country.

Unicorn Booty: Why do you want to be Mr. Gay Taiwan?

I want to people to hear from us and know that we are no different. If we can make gay marriage successful in Taiwan, it would be great. I want to get married here, in this beautiful country that I love.

What are your likes, dislikes and hobbies?

 I like the gym, movies, traveling, and hanging out with friends. I don’t like racism. My hobby is make myself a better man in many ways.

You can find Justin on Hornet at @11dvt.

Justin, Mr. Gay Taiwan, Taiwan, Taipei

Justin, Mr. Gay Taiwan, Taiwan, Taipei

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