Meet Rio de Janeiro’s New Homophobic Theocratic Mayor!

Meet Rio de Janeiro’s New Homophobic Theocratic Mayor!

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Marcelo Crivella is a bishop in the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God (UCKG), a Pentecostal Christian church that his uncle founded, a man whose goal is to “create a theocratic state” in Brazil through elections. Crivella is also a founder of the Brazilian Republican Party and is an anti-abortion creationist who opposes same-sex civil unions and hate crime laws. Oh, and he just became the new mayor of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil’s second largest (but queerest) city.

Although Crivella has “described homosexuality as evil”, he reportedly supports LGB protections and equal rights, though who knows what he means. It’s probably worth pointing out that his church has repeatedly been under investigation for fraud and money laundering. Pentecostal churches like the UCKG are also very anti-LGBT.

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The UCKG in particular also conducts exorcisms. In August 2012, when a man suffered an epileptic attack at a UCKG religious service, he went in the back to take his meds and UCKG’s pastors started punching him because he was “possessed by the spirits of darkness”. He successfully sued the church for $10,000 Brazilian Real (about $3,050).

So… good luck, Rio.

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