Meet The Trans Activist Fighting Anti-LGBT Discrimination In Mongolia

Meet The Trans Activist Fighting Anti-LGBT Discrimination In Mongolia

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In February 2014, homophobic Mongolian nationalists sexually assaulted a gay man. When police first found out about it, they refused to register his case because male-on-male rape was not explicitly listed as a crime in the country’s laws — the man later died from his injuries.

In this climate, transgender Mongolian activist Anaraa Nyamdorj, Executive Director of the LGBT Centre in Ulaanbaatar — a small, underfunded, nonprofit with just four staff members — has worked alongside other LGBT activists to secure legal reforms (including hate crime laws) that will help ensure that anti-LGBT violence gets treated seriously by the country’s judicial system.


Nyamdorj spoke to Alturi — an online hub for news, stories, and advocacy on the issues and challenges facing the LGBTI community around the globe — about his journey towards activism and LGBTQ life in Mongolia. In addition to his story, Alturi also has a collection of international resources, activists and organizations. Go read his full story there!

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