Are Men’s Leggings the Latest Trend Ready for Take Off? This Label Sure Thinks So

Are Men’s Leggings the Latest Trend Ready for Take Off? This Label Sure Thinks So

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We’ve always maintained there’s just something magical about a guy in tight leggings. In the past you’ve likely seen them sported by runners, swimmers and other athletes, but lately it’s the men’s athleisure trend that seems to be picking up steam among us common folk, too. And we’re not complaining — anything that emphasizes firm butts, sexy calf muscles and a nice bulge is A-OK in our book. As it turns out, we owe much of our thanks to one business in particular: Kapow Meggings.

As you’ve no doubt figured out by now, “meggings” are men’s leggings, and they’re currently all the rage.

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“Be Brave. Be Unboring” is the brand’s unofficial slogan, and the mission of Kapow is to live a full life with functional and fun fashion. To stand out as the leading brand for men’s leggings, they fit like a second skin. Made with premium, high-stretch polyester and elastane materials, they’re meant to be comfortable and durable. You’re able to move freely in a pair of these leggings at the gym, in yoga class or running afternoon errands.

The black holographic meggings (qbove) are the current top-selling style for Kapow. The texture looks three-dimensional from afar, giving a futuristic feel and fashion flair to men’s leggings along with all the functionality.

If you’re not afraid of expressing the animal within, try the party leopard meggings and stand out from the crowd.

Kapow is attempting to make men’s leggings a part of guys’ everyday wear, though they’re just as great for creating a bold fashion statement. Check out the above photoshoot from Fantastics magazine, in which a model sports Kapow’s “Jake the Snake” meggings to create a layered look.

For guys who are looking to be comfortable and make a statement — or those just looking to show off their ass and bulge (hey, no judgment!) — we hear once you try a pair you won’t wanna wear anything else.

Check out more meggings styles from Kapow:

Sizing for these men’s leggings ranges from small to XL. Some selected styles, like the black holographic, run a bit small, meaning you may want to go up one size. Meggings run $47–$55 at