An Australian Group Used Meghan Trainor in an Ad Opposing Same-Sex Marriage, and She’s Not Happy

An Australian Group Used Meghan Trainor in an Ad Opposing Same-Sex Marriage, and She’s Not Happy

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Australia is currently holding a nationwide poll to determine whether its citizens want legalized marriage equality. Though the poll is non-binding — Aussie politicians won’t have to legalize same-sex marriage no matter the poll’s results — it has started an anti-LGBTQ campaign aimed at discouraging Australians from supporting wedded same-sex couples.

One such group, Vote NO Australia – Marriage Plebiscite, even went so far as to use an image of American singer-songwriter Meghan Trainor — the artist behind such hits as “All About That Bass”, “Me Too” and “No” — to make it appear as if she opposes marriage equality.

Trainor’s “No”, a song about rejecting unwanted male romantic advances, features the lyrics: “All my ladies, listen up / If that boy ain’t giving up / Lick your lips and swing your hips / Girl all you gotta say is… / My name is no, my sign is no, my number is no / You need to let it go, you need to let it go.”

Here is the video for Trainor’s “No”:

The Vote NO Australia campaign created an image featuring Trainor’s face and the words, “My vote is NO. You need to let it go.” They then posted the image on their Facebook page.

The Vote NO Australia – Marriage Plebiscite ad depicting Meghan Trainor as against same-sex marriage

Meghan Trainor supports same-sex marriage

After being alerted by fans, Trainor issued tweets that said, “I SUPPORT MARRIAGE EQUALITY! Someone in Australia is illegally using my picture for a campaign against marriage equality. So wrong. Not okay” and “I’ve said it before, everyone should be able to love who they want. I support equality, period.”

The group eventually pulled the image and then apologized in a public Facebook post:

“It has come to our attention that a meme was posted on the page by a new editor that was not correctly vetted of an opinion of a celebrity. Once it came to our attention it was immediately removed. We apologize to Megan Trainor and her support base if this has caused any angst or distress. We had no idea who the person in the meme was. It was sent to us by a contributor to the page. We are a community run page, not linked to any organizations and admit this was an unintentional error. For the record we note Megan Trainor supports Marriage Equality and we respect her right to her opinion on the matter.”

The group does worse than just misrepresenting Meghan Trainor’s stance on same-sex marriage

Lest you consider their apology too respectable, you should know that Vote NO Australia – Marriage Plebiscite is also using its Facebook page to spread lies like “husband and wife will become illegal terms.” They’re also saying no to “safe schools” that protect queer kids from anti-LGBTQ bullying, gender-fludity (which exists whether you vote for it or not) and to “confused kids,” although kids are quite capable to grasping the concept of same-sex marriages without any confusion.

Seems like they’re the ones who need to let their queerphobia go.

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