These 22 Seconds of Megyn Kelly Dancing Are Proof She Should Leave ‘Busting a Move’ to Ellen

These 22 Seconds of Megyn Kelly Dancing Are Proof She Should Leave ‘Busting a Move’ to Ellen

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Week to week it’s all the more difficult to watch Megyn Kelly slowly nuke her own career as a newbie of the Today show. The former Fox News host has made headline after headline for being so out-of-touch and cringeworthy that we can’t imagine she’ll be getting a paycheck from NBC for much longer. Her latest faux pas: Unleashing the visual of Megyn Kelly dancing upon us all.

For some reason Hoda Kotb wandered onto the set of Megyn Kelly Today this morning. Some are saying she appeared for no other reason than to fill time. What is clear is that NBC — and Kelly herself — are experimenting a bit to determine where she fits into the morning television roundup.

As far as we can tell, Kotb didn’t bring wine onto the Megyn Kelly Today set, which has become a bit of a calling card thanks for her on-camera spots alongside Kathie Lee Gifford. If that’s the case, though, we aren’t sure what inspired the little dance-off we were forced to witness over our morning coffee.

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Yep, that’s right, the below clip shows Megyn Kelly dancing, and it’s so bad it probably deserves a trigger warning. Kelly hasn’t experienced such embarrassment since Kathy Griffin brilliantly booed her at the “Women in Entertainment” breakfast.

Watch Megyn Kelly dancing here:

Are we picking on Megyn Kelly? Maybe a little.

But before you stick up for her, let’s not forget her past trespasses. Not only did she once complain that the LGBTQ community has “more rights now” than Christians, but she spouted BS like “there’s an attempted war on the religious right” and made sure everyone knew that Santa Claus is white. Jesus, too!


Seriously, she’s despicable. So don’t feel bad laughing at Megyn Kelly dancing.


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