Watch Melania Trump Decorate (and Try to Escape) the White House in This Funny Sketch

Watch Melania Trump Decorate (and Try to Escape) the White House in This Funny Sketch

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Stephen Colbert took things to the next level when he invited Melania Trump on his show. In his interview, we witness Melania Trump decorate (and try to escape) the White House.

In the hilarious sketch that aired on Thursday, Nov. 20, Trump is played by actress Lauara Benanti, who has been appearing on Colbert to impersonate the First Lady since last year.

Benanti already looks a lot like Trump, and she slays with a pitch-perfect impersonation of the First Lady.

When asked if she is unhappy, Melania responds, “Stephen, this is a fake news lie.”

“I am very happy to be first lady. Look at me. Being happy,” she says right before she switches between awkward grimaces and grinnish fake smiles. “More proof of my happiness is how much I love to decorate! It’s all so merry: the stringing of the lights, the baking of the cookies, and Santa Claus … such an inspiration to me. … If you can come down a chimney to go into a house, then you can go up a chimney to get out of a house.”

Benanti, who is about to appear on Broadway in Steve Martin’s play Meteor Shower, recently explained to Vanity Fair how she feels about playing the First Lady.

“I think that if she appeared more, there would be more opportunity,” she says. “For me, I don’t want to make fun of her, I want to make fun of him using her as the vehicle, because obviously I can’t do a Trump impersonation. So we just have to find the moments when she pops out and makes headlines for a few days.”

Melania Trump made headlines when a video depicting her decorating the White House grounds for the holiday season was hilariously mocked. Also, an in-depth profile of her was published in Vanity Fair recently, in which insiders are claiming she is seriously unhappy.

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