Why Are Gay and Bi Men Faking Their Orgasms?

Why Are Gay and Bi Men Faking Their Orgasms?

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recent survey of 230 gay, straight and bisexual North American men showed that 30% admitted faking orgasms. But why?

The website Every Day Health listed six possible reasons including the following: To hide an inability to orgasm, to protect a person’s self-pride, to please a partner who might feel inadequate if their partner doesn’t cum and to get sex over with.

Personally, I’ve faked an orgasm once with a dude who was just a bit too intense and drunk for me to handle. After I “came”, he asked to see and instead of making up an excuse, I just said, “Oh yeah, sorry, I faked it. It’s just late and I’m really tired. You’re sexy though,” and then left. He still expressed interest in me the next day though, I probably didn’t need to fake it in the first place.

Every Day Health also suggests seeing a doctor or therapist, experimenting with masturbation or cutting back on alcohol and drugs if you’re finding it difficult to climax.

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