After This Fox News Analyst Said Something Stupid and Misogynistic, She Got Canned

After This Fox News Analyst Said Something Stupid and Misogynistic, She Got Canned

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Whether it’s Sean Hannity defending Roy Moore against claims he molested a 14-year-old or Star Parker saying the Confederate and LGBT rainbow flags are the exact same thing, Fox News is our go-to network for hearing people say stupid things. The difference is that Fox News personalities are beginning to face consequences. Mercedes Colwin, Fox News analyst, is the latest to get in trouble. She just lost her job at the prestigious Gordon & Rees law firm because she said true sexual harassment victims are “very few and far between.” In her mind, women come forward for the money.

Colwin appeared on Hannity’s show on November 9 to discuss the claims against Roy Moore. She said:

Yes. I used to work in sex crimes in the DA’s office. It was very pitiful to see that. Because some jurors don’t believe it because they have, in their own lives, there are people who have made these accusations for money. You see this time and time and time again. And sexual harassment, that term is coined everywhere, frankly, the laws are very clear about what it takes to have some sort of violation of the law. You have to have some sort of damage. And these individuals, a lot of these women, it’s all about money, and they bank on the fact that these corporations have the reputation that they want to save.

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We’re not exactly sure how the “get rich by sexual harassment claims” plan works. It seems similar to the Underpants Gnomes’ business plan from South Park:

1. Claim Harassment.
2. Be Pilloried In the Media.
3. Endure a Hostile Court Environment.
4. See Your Abuser Face Little to No Consequences.
5. ???
6. Profit!

Colwin’s employers at Gordon & Rees didn’t follow her logic either and fired her. Managing Partner Dion Cominos released a statement reading:

As you may be aware, a partner of the firm appeared on a Fox News segment last Thursday and made certain comments regarding the sexual harassment incidents currently making headlines in the media. Although these remarks were made in the capacity of an independent legal analyst for Fox and have since been substantially clarified, it is important that the firm’s position on these issues be unequivocally expressed and understood.

In this regard, the organization in no way endorses or agrees with any statements which could even remotely be interpreted as minimizing or trivializing the seriousness and gravity of sexual harassment or similarly predatory behaviors, and we renounce them in the strongest possible terms — in fact, contrary to what may have been inferred from what was said during the telecast, the sad reality is that the number of women who likely have not been exposed to such repugnant conduct over the course of their personal or professional lives is, unfortunately, few and far between.

The firm remains fundamentally committed to advancing and promoting women in our workplace, and tolerates absolutely no words or actions of a harassing or discriminatory nature. The partner in question has voluntarily stepped down from all management roles within the firm and she is committed to rectifying the hurtful impressions created by her remarks.

Today Colwin appeared on Fox & Friends to apologize for her comments. She said:

I want to make absolutely clear that I believe and know there are victims of sexual harassment and sexual abuse. I in no way intended to minimize their pain or experiences. I was referring to my professional experience as an attorney and judge during which I have witnessed claims that do, indeed, lack merit.

I was horrified when I realized that my statements could imply that the victims of harassment and abuse were very few and far between. My life experiences with friends, colleagues, and family are unfortunately to the contrary. My comments were never meant to dissuade victims from coming forward to report sexual abuse or undermine the victims who have. I sincerely apologize for the confusion and pain this has caused.

We’d again like to point out that she didn’t “imply victims were “very few and far between.” She actually said it:

Seems to us, the only “confusion” involved is how she ever had a career in the first place.


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