Last Night’s ‘SNL’ Perfectly Nailed the Awkwardness of the #MeToo Movement

Last Night’s ‘SNL’ Perfectly Nailed the Awkwardness of the #MeToo Movement

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Saturday Night Live has had trouble this year tackling the complicated and complex subject matter of the #MeToo movement. The reckoning on sexual abuse has taken down some of their most notable guests and alumni like Al Franken and Louis C.K, and recent guests December 2017 SNL host James Franco, January 2017 host Aziz Ansari and December 2016 host Casey Affleck. All those men have had allegations of sexual misconduct raised against them, and SNL has stumbled in dealing with these narratives.

But two sketches in last night’s episode brilliantly spoke to the subject matter – and many of the awkward conversations that have (or haven’t) taken place since it began.

In a fake SNL commercial, various men are seen hocking an an antiperspirant for all the men who are sweating the fact that accusations of sexual misconduct are likely to drop about them any day. The sketch begins with Will Ferrell as an office worker who completes a familiar deodorant commercial slogan, “I work hard, and I play hard,” with the confession: “and something’s coming out about me, real soon.” 

Next, we see Kyle Mooney playing a stand-up comedian also caught in the #MeToo movement, showing that the conversation is a lot closer to the SNL set than they may want to admit. 

The commercial concludes with Alex Moffat acting as a famous actor who when asked for comment on the red carpet, tries to walk the line between supporting the movement and undermining his own accusers. James Franco Moffat’s character stutters: “Lots of women are brave but this one is, um, a liar.”

The second sketch dealing with the #MeToo movement was a bit more serious in tone, using a recent New York Times op-ed about former SNL host Aziz Ansari (one of several articles debating if the #MeToo movement has gone too far) to spark the kind of discussion (or lack thereof) everyone seems to be having these days.

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