New York Gay Bar Calls Out Chadwick Moore After Allegedly Lying About Getting Kicked Out

New York Gay Bar Calls Out Chadwick Moore After Allegedly Lying About Getting Kicked Out

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Alt-right, gay talking head Chadwick Moore has been going to Metropolitan Bar, a popular gay dive in the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn, for years now. He took to social media last night to tell his followers that he was kicked out because of his political ideology, a story the bar quickly debunked.

Moore first shared, “I was just asked to leave Metropolitan Bar because my political ideology would cause a stir. I’ve been a regular there for 13 years. Any thoughts?”

Then the Metropolitan Bar shared his status update from its business page, adding its own side of the story. The bar wrote:

Dear Chadwick,
You have come in here quite frequently without incident. We understand that your political views do not match ours, but that doesn’t mean you are not welcome here. FACTS: You were asked to leave because your “brother-in-law who’s a straight guy from Alabama and a truck driver” (your words) started a fight at our sister bar right before you came here. Play that victim card though.

Chadwick Moore

A drag queen who hosts at Macri Park, where the alleged first incident took place, corroborated their story in the comments. Alotta McGriddles (yeah, one of the best drag queen names ever) said, “Yes. I was there hosting at Macri when the fight broke out.”

McGriddles also made the point that since Moore has been welcomed at Metropolitan Bar for years, even after he came out as conservative, why now would he all of a sudden be kicked out solely because of his political views?

She commented, “Girl, if he has been coming to metro for 13 years+ why TODAY would he be kicked out? He had company with him that got PHYSICAL at Macri Park and thought he was cute and was like lets bring that mess to Metro. Hell no.”

Alotta McGriddles

Moore doubled down after he saw the bar’s response, adding, “Absolute fake news. I’m far more aggressive than my brother. More neo-liberal hate mongering from the retarded coastal elites. My brother is far more mild mannered than I. You are lying. You are liars. You are fucking liars. I’m thrilled to dedicate my life to destroying you, Metropolitan Bar.”

Many of Moore’s followers have been trolling the bar’s Facebook page, trying to give bad reviews and flooding the comments section with support for him. One wrote, “There are far more gay republicans and conservative libertarians than any of you could ever imagine (we obviously aren’t in a bar, trashed every night and praying we make it to work the next day) …….. either way good luck!”

UPDATE, 9:30 a.m. EST: Metropolitan Bar has replied to our request for comment. The bar tells Hornet:

Chadwick was not asked to leave because of his political views. He was just in the bar last weekend hanging out, and a week before that.

Chadwick and his friend were simply asked to leave because of an incident that took place at our sister bar down the street before he had come to Metro. We were informed, and we took action. He was never banned or told he couldn’t come back.

The gay bars in Brooklyn communicate with one another if there are any incidents when someone is asked to leave or be ejected from the bar, and Chadwick’s incident was not special. If you are asked to leave from one bar, you can take the night off from all the bars. We treated it as we do any other situation in that regard.

This entire social media war on his part is upsetting, but we will not back down. We were just doing our job and will continue to do just that.

UPDATE, 8:50 p.m. EST: Chadwick Moore has replied to our request for comment.

Moore: I don’t need to comment. It’s obvious what Alotta McGriddles says (and I agree with you that is one of the very best drag names ever, and I’ve always liked her a lot) is total bullshit. If that were the case, why was I asked to leave and not my companion? And what defines a “fight”? Did he upset someone with a comment? I don’t see any accusations of a physical altercation. It’s clear cut. They are lying and I was targeted because my constitutional values offend the far left Marxists. And they don’t want me around. Simple. But I’m the bad guy, right?

Hornet: Well, you have been going there since after you came out, right? So why last night?

Moore: It’s baffling. I was let in the door. I was allowed to buy two beers, one for me and one for my straight friend, then was told to leave because my presence would cause a stir. I have been there very sporadically since coming out. And most of those occasions involved someone I don’t know approaching me and verbally accosting me. And I would just shrug it off, or leave.

It looks like the Metropolitan, who does have some lovely staff, some of which have privately reached out to me to say they support me, even if they don’t agree with me, decided I shouldn’t be there.

You’re welcome. I didn’t even give the New York Post nearly that much.

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