Watch Hornet’s NYC Team Try Mexican Candy for the First Time

Watch Hornet’s NYC Team Try Mexican Candy for the First Time

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One of the best things about traveling — or knowing a fellow traveler — is getting to try candy from around the world. While every country sells candy, every culture prefers its own particular flavors and they don’t always translate. Mexican candy is no exception as Hornet’s New York team found out.

At a recent New York City meeting, Hornet’s social media manager Ricardo Peralta brought some candy from his home in Mexico City. And just like we’re all told to do in kindergarten, Ricardo shared his candy with his friends.

Ricardo brought a few different varieties. While not everything was a hit with the team, there were some clear winners — especially the dulce de leche.

If you’re wondering what Mexican candy in particular the team tried, they are:

Overall, the Dulce de leche and the Freskas were the winners. Either the Alegría or the Jamoncillo were the least popular, but even they had their defenders.

If you’re curious about trying these candies for yourself — take a trip to Mexico City! Or if you can’t afford a special trip just for Mexican candy, many of these candies can be found at online retailers.

Watch the Hornet NYC team try Mexican candy for the first time:

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