8 Reasons Why Mexican Men Make the Best Boyfriends

8 Reasons Why Mexican Men Make the Best Boyfriends

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Mexico is but one jewel in Latin America’s crown. It’s a country rightfully proud of its traditions, history and hard-working people, and it has great international talents — actors like Gael García Bernal, the dreamy Ryan Guzman and Salma Hayek; artists like Diego Rivera, Frida Kahlo and José Clemente Orozco; directors Alfonso Cuarón, Robert Rodriguez and Alejandro González Iñárritu; not to mention one of the richest men in the world, Carlos Slim.

Men all over the world are amazing, but take it from me — Mexico born and raised — these eight reasons show why one of Mexico’s greatest resources is its irresistible men:

1. We can dance.

Dancing is a huge part of Mexican culture. Stars like the Mexican-American AB Soto aren’t the exception — they’re the rule. Many Mexican men are masters of traditional, national and international styles of dance. Whether you want to cut a rug to salsa, reggaetón or good old rock and roll, Mexican men are ready to spin you around all night long.

2. We can sing.

Maybe it’s the accent or that powerful Mariachi vibrato — but when Mexicans sing, it’s sexy. Listen to Alejandro Fernández (famous for his Mariachi songs) and Carlos Rivera (a rising star who’s conquered musical stages in Mexico and Spain starring in Mamma Mia! and The Lion King). If you’re not weak in the knees when you’re done, you might want to get your hearing checked.

3. We’ll take you on amazing trips.

Photo: Miguel Sánchez

Imagine yourself in a romantic hacienda, riding a horse, holding the strong chest of a bearded rider, wearing only tight jeans. Or perhaps you’d prefer watching your lover come out of the Caribbean sea, water running down his tanned, smooth skin. Maybe your fantasy is a trendy, tattooed hipster taking you to the most exclusive restaurants and clubs? Either way, Mexico can provide all these fantasies and more.

4. We can act.

Alfonso Herrera and Miguel Ángel Silvestre (Photo: Sense8, Netflix)

Mexico’s outstanding actors will take your breath away. While telenovelas are widely popular in Mexico and around the world, there’s so much more Mexico has to offer. Besides, you’ve already fallen in love with actors like Gael García Bernal (A Little Bit of Heaven), Diego Luna (Rogue One) and Alfonso Herrera (Sense8 — where you can see him passionately kissing Miguel Ángel Silvestre).

Diego Luna (Photo: Maximilian Bühn)

5. We’re romantic.

Soap-opera actor Valentino Lanus (Photo: Univision)

Speaking of telenovela heartthrobs, Mexicans are lovely inside and out. Chivalry’s not dead — Mexican men will open the car door for you and share their popcorn at the movies. It’s not just sex for these guys.

6. We love food.

From breakfast in bed to a midnight snack, we love hot salsa on everything!

Some boys cook exquisite dishes from their abuelita’s recipes. Others know where to go for the best churros, tamales and tacos. Either way, you’re going to eat very well in Mexico. And don’t worry about gaining weight — there are many ways you and your partner can burn a few calories, if you know what we mean.

7. We’re fit.

Soccer is huge in Mexico — and schools and universities usually have basketball, volleyball or football teams. No wonder everyone’s in such good shape! Some of the sexiest Mexican athletes are Formula 1 driver Sergio Pérez Mendoza, the Olympic diver with rocking abs Rommel Pacheco and the hot TV star Alejandro Maldonado.

Rommel Pacheco (Photo: Christian Palma)


Alejandro Maldonado (Photo: Telemundo)

8. Best of all, you can marry us!

Go for for it and get that rock!

Unlike many countries around the world, Mexico has marriage equality! Even though you can’t marry in every state, it’s legally recognized throughout the country. Not only that, but Mexico has protections keeping folks from being fired for their sexuality. When it’s time to make your new Mexican boyfriend your Mexican husband, you’ll be all set. Now go out and put a ring on it!

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