Mexico Gets Its First Ad Featuring A Gay Couple And More Good News! World

Mexico Gets Its First Ad Featuring A Gay Couple And More Good News!

Written by Matt Keeley on July 03, 2018
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This past week has been a hard one in terms of awful news coming out. We’ve heard about Chelsea Manning, Alton Sterling and Philando Castile, and we could use a bit of happy news. Thankfully, we’re here to the rescue with this month’s look at good news from around the world, including this adorable Mexican advertisement — the first to feature a gay couple!

  • In a historic vote at the UN Human Rights Council, 23 countries voted in favor of a resolution to create a new position of an independent United Nations expert dedicated to monitoring human rights violations on the grounds of sexual orientation and gender identity. Originally submitted by 7 Latin American member states, the resolution was supported by over 600 organizations from 147 countries to ‘address this urgent protection gap.’ 
  • For the first time all 28 EU member states reached a broad agreement to support LGBTI equality across Europe. However Co-President of the LGBTI Intergroup in the European Parliament Ulrike Lunacek warned that the agreement’s language could “legitimize continued discrimination against LGBTI” because it states “national identities and constitutional traditions” should be respected.

  • Spain’s Parliament voted in favor of a bill to bring more protections to LGBT citizens

  • The Swiss Parliament approved stepchild adoption, improving protections and rights of children of same-sex parents.

  • In Canada, the House of Commons voted to update the national anthem O Canada with gender neutral language. And in the US, Defense Secretary Ash Carter announced that the Pentagon has repealed the ban against transgender people serving in the military, effective immediately. 

  • Funders for LGBTQ Issues and the Global Philanthropy Project released a new “Global LGBTI Resources Report“—the first comprehensive review of funding from foundations, corporations, governments, and multilateral agencies for LGBTI issues.

  • The Colgate toothpaste company gave Mexico its first advertisement featuring a gay couple. 

  • Thirty companies in Japan, including IBM, Sony, and Panasonic have collaborated on workplace guidelines for LGBT employees that includes topics such as spousal benefits, dress codes, lavatories, and support for sexual assignment surgery. 

  • US President Obama declared the Stonewall Inn and surrounding area in New York City a national monument and newest addition to the national park system. The Stonewall National Monument will be the first to commemorate LGBT rights. 

  • UK’s Prince William appeared on the cover of gay magazine Attitude after he invited members of the LGBT+ community to Kensington Palace to discuss bullying and mental health issues. 

  • In Thailand social media star and trans model Jyb opened ‘Transfit’— the first fitness center exclusively staffed by trans men

  • A new video from Mongolia explored what it is like to be an LGBTQI person.

  • From Lebanon openly gay singer Hamed Sinno and his band Mashrou’ Leila are topping global music charts with their progressive messages of gender and LGBT rights. And music app Spotify launched #PressPlayForPride featuring playlists and commentary from LGBT celebrities and allies. 

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