Indie Video Game Studio MidBoss Tells Trump Supporters to ‘Fuck Off’

Indie Video Game Studio MidBoss Tells Trump Supporters to ‘Fuck Off’

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MidBoss, the indie game studio behind queer cyberpunk adventure 2064: Read Only Memories, took to Twitter to deliver a very important message to President Trump’s supporters:

It seems a little odd that Trump supporters would want to play an LGBTQ-friendly adventure, but then again there are gay right-wingers, and even gay neo-Nazis. The world is a strange place.

When asked why they made this public statement, the developers told us via Twitter, “It just felt like the right thing to do—use our platform and voice to say how we feel.”

The reception they have received for their statement has been “mostly positive,” MidBoss said. “But of course we get lots of negative stuff too. But most people, even those against it, seem to respect that we took a stand, even if it could have been unpopular.”

Other indie game developers have gotten in on the action. Insomniac Games released a video speaking out against Trump’s ban on Muslim immigration:

When asked if they were worried about their message affecting their profits, MidBoss told us, “If standing up to fascism loses us sales, then that’s the best money we ever spent.”

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