Mike Pence Is Just As Bad As Trump, Just Quieter

Mike Pence Is Just As Bad As Trump, Just Quieter

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We all know by now that Donald Trump is a piece of shit. He’s racist, homophobic, sexist, sleazy and vulgar. In comparison, his running mate Mike Pence seems pretty benign. Pence is a more traditional conservative politician: softer, folksier, and more polite. A CNN poll found that the majority of viewers thought Pence was more likeable than his opponent Tim Kaine in the vice presidential debate.

But don’t let Pence’s manners fool you. He’s just as much of a hateful piece of shit as Donald Trump.

He’s a Homophobic Piece of Shit

Mike Pence’s homophobia is so strong it nearly destroyed his state’s economy. As governor of Indiana, Pence signed the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, a bill that would have given hateful assholes the right to discriminate against LGBT people for religious reasons.

The rest of the nation was disgusted. Apple, the NCAA and other major business and political leaders denounced the bill. Soon, people started threatening to boycott the state. Connecticut Gov. Dan Malloy announced he would ban state-funded travel to Indiana. Angie’s List pulled out of a business deal, costing the state $40 million. Gen Con threatened to pull out of the state as well, taking $50 million with it.

To keep all of that money in Indiana, Pence had to amend the bill to make it a bit less queerphobic.

Over and over again, Pence has voted to prohibit same-sex marriage and permit anti-LGBT discrimination. Pence has also fought to defund programs that help prevent the spread of HIV and AIDS, and instead use government money to pay for gay conversion therapy.

He’s a Misogynistic Piece of Shit

Mike Pence might not be bragging about grabbing women in the pussy, but rest assured he has just as much contempt for women as his running mate.

Mike Pence does not like it when women step out of the kitchen. Back in the ‘90s, he said that working moms stunt their children’s emotional growth. Yet despite all this supposed concern for the needs of children, Pence voted against parental leave for federal employees.

He doesn’t want women in the military either, and in 1999 he expressed his views in a bizarre op-ed that denounced Disney’s Mulan. In his weird, rambling manifesto, Pence claimed to have been victimized by the film, and added that women shouldn’t be allowed to join the military because they’re too sexy:

You see, now stay with me on this, many young men find many young women to be attractive sexually. Many young women find many young men to be attractive sexually. Put them together, in close quarters, for long periods of time, and things will get interesting.

Unfortunately for womankind, Pence does a lot more than write goofy editorials about his terrible opinions. He also legislates.

Pence has voted to restrict or ban abortion at every opportunity. He made it harder for women to get health care by sponsoring a bill to defund Planned Parenthood in 2011. Not long after he became governor, Indiana prosecutors put a woman named Purvi Patel in jail for having a miscarriage. More recently, Pence passed a bill that requires women who suffer a miscarriage to bury or cremate the remains instead of letting them make their own decisions. Having a miscarriage is traumatic enough without the government telling you how to grieve.

Mike Pence’s quest to deny women reproductive freedom got really ugly when he co-sponsored a bill that limited abortion to women who had suffered only what he called “forcible rape” —like Todd Akin’s “legitimate rape,” I guess. The bill’s language suggested that Pence thinks that only some rapes count as “real” rapes.

He’s a Racist Piece of Shit

Mike Pence is hostile to people of color as well. As governor of Indiana, he has fought hard to prevent black people from voting.

Under the guise of preventing voter fraud, Pence’s government sent the police to raid the offices of a program that helps black people register to vote. They seized thousands of voter applications. If the investigators hold on to these applications, it could prevent 45,000 people, most of them black, from voting. This is straight out of the Jim Crow Era.

Sadly, this is just one instance of a larger trend. The GOP, sensing its waning appeal, has fought to prevent Hispanics, Asian-Americans and black people from voting all over the country.

He’s an Unscientific Piece of Shit

Mike Pence isn’t just shitty to gays, women and people of color. He hates science, too.

In an old op-ed titled “The Great American Smoke Out,” Pence denied the danger of cigarettes. “Despite the hysteria from the political class and the media,” he wrote, “smoking doesn’t kill.” (Spoiler alert: Yes it does.)

His stance on smoking might have something to do with the $100,000 in campaign contributions the tobacco industry gave him.

As a congressman and later a governor, Pence ignored evidence-based policy and defunded public health programs that advocate for safe sex and needle exchanges. The result? The worst HIV outbreak in Indiana’s history.

Pence also signed a state law that banned the use of fetal tissue in scientific research. Medical research using fetal tissue has saved countless lives. The MMR vaccine, Parkinson’s Disease treatments, stroke treatments, and even the polio vaccine were discovered using fetal tissue. Pence’s decision blocked research that could have saved lives.

Mike Pence’s hatred of science isn’t just wrong: It’s dangerous.

Mike Pence: An Irredeemable Piece of Shit

Mike Pence hates women, LGBT people, black people, democracy, science, and for some reason, Mulan. When anyone tries to convince you that Pence is a better alternative to Trump, don’t be fooled. He’s a giant piece of shit. He’s just quieter about it.

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