Mike Pence’s Secret Service Agent Caught with a Prostitute

Mike Pence’s Secret Service Agent Caught with a Prostitute

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One of Vice President Mike Pence’s Secret Service agents has been suspended after allegedly being caught visiting a prostitute.

The scandal

CNN reports that the agent was picked up by police responding to a call from the manager of a Maryland hotel. The agent was not on duty at the time.

The affair is under investigation by the Office of Professional Responsibility.

The officer has been put on administrative leave and has had to turn in his weapon.

Previous sexy secret service scandals

This isn’t the first time the Secret Service has gotten into sexy, sexy trouble.

A few years ago, some of Obama’s agents were recalled from Columbia for being involved with local sex workers. As many as a dozen agents were removed from the trip, according to the Washington Post. And in 2015, an officer in Delaware was arrested for sending naked pictures of himself to what he thought was a 14 year-old girl.

What will Mike Pence do?

Mike Pence is, famously, not a fan of sexual relations between adults. The man won’t even eat nachos in the company of a woman without an escort. And he’s so anti-gay he almost destroyed the economy of the state of Indiana.

We’re not blaming Mike Pence for his guard’s actions; he can’t and shouldn’t control his employees’ personal lives.

But the scandal shows that for all of Mike Pence’s holy fervor, he can’t stop the people around him — even the people under him — from being sexual.

For a man who’s so obsessed with purity and celibacy, his short time in office has been plagued with one sex scandal after another. First, there’s the fact that he chose to run for office under a man who has been divorced several times, got his mistress pregnant, bragged about groping women without their consent, and was rumored to have paid a Russian prostitute to urinate on his bed.

Plus, several major figures of his favorite propaganda network have faced massive sexual harassment suits — first Roger Ailes, then Bill O’Reilly.

Pence has spent his career making life harder for queer people and sexually active women, yet he surrounds himself with greasy horndogs.

Will these scandals lead to any sort of introspection on Pence’s part about the kind of people he has chosen to associate with? Probably not.


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