Exclusive: Milk Is Ready for ‘Drag Race’ Fans to Finally Stop the Online Bullying

Exclusive: Milk Is Ready for ‘Drag Race’ Fans to Finally Stop the Online Bullying

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We had the opportunity to chat with Drag Race alum Milk on the red carpet of the GLAAD Rising Stars luncheon in New York City, on Friday, May 4. In our exclusive Milk interview we chat about DragCon L.A. (coming up this weekend), the prevalence of online bullying in the Drag Race community and his story arc on All Stars 3.

HORNET: DragCon L.A. is coming up, and you’re going to be there!

MILK: Yes! It’s very exciting. It’s overwhelming at times, but to see so many little kids that are free to be themselves and who are hand-in-hand with their parents who bring them along is so special.

You’re on a panel all about online bullying. Tell me a little bit about that and why that’s important to you.

I think the fandom of Drag Race is very deep and very loving, but at the same time can be very hateful. I think it’s time for us as queens to sort of educate them that what they see on TV is for entertainment purposes and the things that we say on TV can’t always be said to a stranger.

So to tell me to go kill myself is not something that is helpful. So I just think they need to separate reality television from actual reality.

halo no she better don’t! ??

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What did you think about your narrative on All Stars 3?

You know, I signed up for the show. It’s reality TV, so of course it’s meant to entertain. They are going to find everything that they want to. I mean, I didn’t really have many redeeming qualities this season. But at the same time, if people have been following me since before All Stars they know what I stand for, they know the issues I support and fight for. If people just take what they see on TV as that is who I actually am, that’s their own prerogative.

What’s it like watching yourself back eight months after filming?

The first time the world sees it is the first time I see it. They filmed me saying a lot of stuff, some shady comments but some nice comments and everything in between. What was aired was mostly the negative. So when I saw myself, I thought, ‘Oh God, this is actually happening.’ This is the story arc of Milk.

When did you realize that was happening?

I noticed from the very get-go. They needed a character. I signed up for the show and I filled that role for them, I guess.

I love that this panel about online bullying is happening. I think it’s really needed. 

It’s amazing. There needs to be a collective of queens and a panel like this is definitely working towards that, that tells all of our fans that this hate is not OK. If we stand as a collective, no matter if one queen’s fans don’t like another queen’s fans, if they love their queen they will listen to them and learn and they will not be as hateful. Hopefully.

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