Milo Yiannopoulos Laughed at Hurricane Irma’s Victims, Then the Storm Destroyed His Home

Milo Yiannopoulos Laughed at Hurricane Irma’s Victims, Then the Storm Destroyed His Home

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It’s tasteless to make gleeful jokes about hurricane victims and even more thoughtless to make them when the hurricane is headed straight for your house, as right-wing troll Milo Yiannopoulos just discovered. A few days ago, he cracked jokes as Hurricane Irma devastated the Caribbean islands, then a few days later, the hurricane destroyed his Florida home.


Yiannopoulos used the hurricane to make political jabs

Last week, Yiannopoulos joked about the hurricane on Facebook, writing, “In more positive Irma news, Richard Branson’s Necker Island has been devastated.”

Branson is the billionaire British founder of the Virgin Group and also an active environmentalist who opposes nuclear proliferation and anti-LGBTQ legislation. He owns all 74-acres of Necker Island, a small island in the Caribbean Sea.

Then, as Irma made its way to Haiti (and later killed 28 people), Yiannopoulos wrote: “Irma is about to finish what Hillary started: leaving Haiti in ruins.”

His comment is a reference to Clinton’s mismanaged co-chairmanship of humanitarian fund to rebuild the island nation after a January 2010 earthquake that killed an estimated 220,000 people. A majority of the commission’s funds focused on short-term gains rather than long-term rebuilding and it was generally regarded as inefficient. It has since been used as a political barb against her.


The folly of those who use natural disasters to torment others

Days after his two comments, Irma destroyed Yiannopoulos’ home. On Sunday, he posted a picture of hurricane devastation in the West Brickell area of Miami, Florida with the words, “MY HOUSE IS GONE.”

It reminds us a little of last year when Tony Perkins, the leader of the anti-LGBT hate group the Family Research Council — a man who once once agreed with an anti-gay pastor who said that God uses natural disasters to punish homosexuality — had his Louisiana home destroyed by a flood.

If you’re looking to help the recent hurricane victims (besides Yiannopoulos, we mean), The New York Times has some solid suggestions.

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