Minecraft Creator: ‘People Who Don’t Support Heterosexual Pride Deserve to Be Shot’

Minecraft Creator: ‘People Who Don’t Support Heterosexual Pride Deserve to Be Shot’

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Minecraft, is a video game where players can build 3-D worlds out of cubes. With over 121 million copies sold, it’s the second best selling video game of all time (the first, by far, is Tetris). But while Minecraft itself is fun and popular, its designer, Markus “Notch” Persson, is not so much.

Sure, he’s worth an estimated $1.5 billion and is a big-time donor to Doctors Without Borders and the Electronic Frontier Foundation, but he’s also a supporter of Heterosexual Pride Day (the straight person’s version of pride) and recently tweeted that if you don’t support it, “you’re a complete fucking cunt and deserve to be shot … by a photographer … with a gun.”


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He then followed that tweet up with another one that said, “Seriously, you morons don’t see how segregation and punching upwards will accomplish nothing more [than] reinforcing the illusion there is a divide?”

Let’s be clear: Heterosexual Pride Day is to gay pride month as All Lives Matters is to Black Lives Matter. It’s simply an spoiled, over-privileged reaction that mocks and dismisses the movement’s history and necessity.

LGBTQ pride didn’t arise from a need to celebrate being queer but rather the right to exist without persecution. Heterosexual Pride Day supporters can’t point to a single instance of straight people being killed or arrested for their sexuality nor a single country where being straight is illegal. LGBTQ people can point to numerous instances of both.

After Persson’s initial tweet got at least 464 retweets and 1,596 likes, he eventually deleted it and issued a follow-up tweet explaining, “So yeah, it’s about pride of daring to express not about pride of being who you are. I get it now.”

Better late than never, we guess. But Persson has a troubling history of being a jerk on Twitter. Back in 2016, he issued a tweet against the term “mansplaining” by saying that women were “cuntfusing the issue” and “shaming” his gender. In June 2017, he called Gamergate target Zoe Quinn a “fucking cunt when Quinn said that she refused to forgive any game developer who supported the abusive anti-LGBTQ gamer movement unless they made amends. Gamergate supporters repeatedly threatened to rape and kill Quinn, so she has every right to hold a grudge.



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