Minneapolis School District To Teach Pro-LGBT Curriculum

Minneapolis School District To Teach Pro-LGBT Curriculum

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Fantastic news out of Minnesota, donchaknow. The Minneapolis School District has voted unanimously to enact new anti-bullying tactics and to begin teaching pro-LGBT curriculum across the spectrum of its grades. Sexual Education classes will be updated to include information for gay students, and a LGBT History course will be offered as an elective. Heck yeah!

Superintendent Bernadeia Johnson (Who sounds amazing, by the way) says much of the success is owed to Jesse Tebben, a school staff member who organized the majority of the research that went into the decusion. Johnson said, “Not all other districts are doing this work. When we are out at the Pride Parade, when you talk to our youth, we hear how proud they are that they have a district that acknowledges them and cares about their safety.”

Students from neighboring school districts have apparently been so inspired by the Minneapolis School District’s inclusive policies, that students stop Superintendent Johnson to thank her for her work and express how they wish their schools offered the same.

This isn’t the first time that Minneapolis has garnered attention for it’s LGBT progressiveness. In 2008 the district ruffled religious feather by teaming up with the Human Rights Council for a Welcoming Students campaign.

Seriously, this school district sounds cool as hell! Congratulations to the school board for leading the country on these issues. We hope that more schools begin to follow their lead.

Via Minnesota Independent

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