Minnesota Family Council: Gays Can’t Wed Because They Eat Feces and Urine

Minnesota Family Council: Gays Can’t Wed Because They Eat Feces and Urine

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The bigots over at the Minnesota Family Council are willing to lie and fudge the truth (no pun intended) to make their personal homophobia state law. This is no better exemplified than on a new PDF on their site titled “Informed Answers to Gay Rights Arguments.”

MFC “debunks myths” like:

But our favorite on their list has got to be number two…errrr…number eight.

8. “Gay people are not different in their behaviors from other people.” 8a. Homosexual practices are often astonishing to heterosexual people. Homosexuals must use body aper- tures not constructed for sexual penetration or bring their mouth into contact with areas designed for the elimination of human waste, which causes serious hygienic and health risks. Some homosexuals become urolagniacs (ingesting urine and feces) and engage in bestiality as well as other deviant behaviors.

That’s right, folks. LGBT Americans should not be awarded the civil right of marriage because we’re all too busy drinking each other’s piss and eating our own shit. You got us! Pack it up. Game over.

Except that’s not true, and there is absolutely zero evidence upon which to hang this bogus and disgusting claim. For a group of people that are literally obsessed with gay sex, they sure don’t know very much about it.

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