4 Minority Millennials Who Support Donald Trump Speak Out (Video)

4 Minority Millennials Who Support Donald Trump Speak Out (Video)

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Four minority millennials gathered to tell their story in a new, short documentary.

The video, entitled “’Traitors’: The Minorities Who Support Donald Trump” features four people: a gay man, a woman of color, a self-identified black mixed race-man and a man who is Middle Eastern.

The short film features Tylor, a 32-year-old gay man who works in the banking industry. “I’ve had more Christian Republicans accept me for being gay than I’ve had left-wing people accept me for being a gay conservative,” he said.

“They [liberals] say that they’re for women, gays, people of color,” Tylor continued. “But what they’re really for is women, gays, people of color who vote Democrat.” He added that some liberals who disagree with his beliefs would “scream and call you racist sexist homophobic, bigot, transphobic.”

The brief documentary was created by Portland State University (PSU) graduate student Andy Ngo, Ngo got the idea for the film after a PSU Students for Donald Trump event was shut down by protesters. “There were several students of color who came in support of Trump and they were confronted by some protesters,” Ngo told Red Alert. “I recall in particular that a protester said that people of color who support Donald Trump ‘make me sad.’”

Ngo added the main obstacle for him in finding students for the clip has been getting them to go on record as Trump supporters. “Person after person said they went into the closet (as conservatives) after experiencing the backlash on campus or with their families and community,” he said.

Watch the short documentary below and tell us what you think:

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