Yes, Some Gay Men Are Misogynist and Don’t Even Know It (Video)

Yes, Some Gay Men Are Misogynist and Don’t Even Know It (Video)

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Comedian Michael Henry has done it again, creating an eye-opening and hilarious video that brilliantly skewers a topic in our gay community. He once more goes right to the heart of the issue with his unfiltered wit and candid take on things. This time Henry focuses on misogyny in the gay community, highlighting a problem that often gets swept under the proverbial rug.

Henry and his bestie (played by Maxwell Esposito) are laying out by the pool one Saturday afternoon when they get into a fight with two women (brilliantly played by Carly-Ann Giene and Nicole Dubois) who overhear the boys gabbing about their looks. The guys are complimentary about the ladies’ bodies and wardrobe, but these women — who happen to be named Britney and Christina, recalling the pop icons of many a gay playlist — point out that doesn’t make what they’re saying OK.

“Those qualities that you’re saying are powerful are directly related to our looks,” Britney challenges.

Michael responds, “Listen, sweetie, we were just giving you a compliment.”

After the foursome bickers back and forth, Christina calls them a word all gay men hate to consider themselves: misogynist.

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“We’re gay!” Michael responds. “How can we be misogynists?”

“You’re still men, and men are still paid more, respected more and, for some reason, legislate what to do with my vagina more,” Christina points out. “And you’re talking to us like a lot of straight men do,” Britney adds. “We’re not shiny props for you, just like we’re not sexual props for straight men. Get it?”

Michael Henry’s videos will not only make you laugh but will also make you think. People love to sound off with their own responses to his work, as not everybody always agrees with his theses — which makes what this gay comedian/filmmaker does so important. It creates important dialogue and an opportunity for people to have their eyes opened to new perspectives, and with an added dose of humor.

One commenter on the above video writes:

So gay men haven’t been used as accessories and props for straight women since the beginning of time? Lol. They use us like handbags. Call us when they need an ego boost or they r mad at their boyfriend. Or they r single for the first time in years. In the past we we’re always available bc everyone knew we weren’t gonna be married or have children.

What it means to be gay is slowly changing I suppose but us being accessories for straight women hasn’t changed. Women have sure suggested men wear different things or that flatter our body shape. Just as I would think gay men mean it. Sorry but I’m not seeing women being victims to gay men. I don’t think gay men r victims of straight women. We use each other. This is exactly why some women r ashamed to admit they r feminist. I’m starting to see why.

Another adds:

I think that too many people glorify just good looking women. As is stated in the video, they are comparing power to their physical characteristics, which is one of the main reason they are being offensive. I’ve never seen online people preaching and empowering less attractive girls. More often I saw people comparing women, which is the worst thing anyone could possibly do. We should empower all women equally, preach them and respect them. We are all equal and I will always fight for what’s right. Amazing video as always, you can speak about important issues with comedy, which is amazing. Plus your videos are so gay. I love it. Keep up the good work.

What do you think about misogyny among gay men? Sound off in the comments.

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