Miss NY Doing It For The Gays

Miss NY Doing It For The Gays

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The Miss America pageant is coming around the bend soon, and while we can honestly say we have ever sat through the entire show, our gay blog is definitely familiar with former Miss California Carrie “Opposite Marriage” Prejan’s Q&A (Sick burn!), and former Miss South Carolina Caitlin “Everwhere like, such as the Iraq” Upton’s highlarious glorious 15 minutes of fame.

Unicorn Booty Reader Logan Whalen points out, that the Miss America competition is the cream of the crop, and asks that pageant contestants from Miss USA and Miss Teen USA (Cough, Carrie and Caitlin, cough) please not reflect upon the Miss A ladies. 😀

This year we might be forced to tune in to catch this year’s Miss New York, Claire Buffie. Homegirl is running on a gay rights campaign! My oh my has the pageant changed since we last tuned in. You need a campaign platform now?

In any case, the Miss A pageant has instituted an online voting round al la American Idol, and you can help make sure Claire gets to sass it up onstage about equal rights in front of a worldwide audience by taking a second to give her your vote. The top 15 voted through will make it to the final televised round. Go on now. VOTE HERE.

The contest airs January 15 on ABC.

And just for fun, feel free to revisit the gems below. 😀

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