This New Study Lists 50 Things That Will Make You a ‘Modern Gentleman’

This New Study Lists 50 Things That Will Make You a ‘Modern Gentleman’

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A new British study shines a light on what it takes to be a modern gentleman.

The list of 50 positive attributes covers everything from dinner table etiquette and dressing well to avoiding gossip and knowing bushcraft. (That’s related to camping, by the way, not pubic hair.)

Holding a door open for others, being a good listener and putting your phone away at the dinner table will win you points in the 21st century, along with keeping good personal hygiene and arriving on time for social events and meetings.

The study was commissioned by Moss Bros., the men’s tailoring experts, as part of a campaign to get guys to dress smarter.

Sotos Georgalli, Brand and Creative Director at Moss Bros., weighs in: “It comes as little surprise that over a third of British men feel most professional and powerful in a tailored suit, while almost half feel their smartest when dressed in their best.”

For the sake of argument, if we’re going to look at the stereotypical gay man, some of these 50 traits might be hard to find. These, for example:

We spoke to Georgalli in London when we noticed that a number of these traits of a “modern gentleman” seem to be the opposite of traits of modern gay men. We asked him, “Are modern gay men ungentlemanly?”

“I don’t agree,” he says. “I think we have all fallen victim to having a lack of some of those traits, irrespective of sexual orientation. Something like not putting a phone away when at the dinner table — we’re all guilty of it at times. We just need to unlearn these new behaviors.”

Here’s the full list of 50 behaviors that make the modern gentleman:

So, how do you fare? Are you a modern gentleman?

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