Tyler Clementi Harasser, Molly Wei Makes Deal To Avoid Jail, Criminal Charges

Tyler Clementi Harasser, Molly Wei Makes Deal To Avoid Jail, Criminal Charges

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Molly Wei made gay blog headlines last year after she and Dharun Ravi bullied fellow Rutgers student Tyler Clementi into committing suicide. Wei and Ravi, who was Clementi’s roommate in the school dorms, set up a laptop camera and attempted to film and broadcast Clementi having sex with another male student over the internet.

Clementi jumped off the George Washington bridge to his death shortly after the incident. Following his suicide, Wei and Ravi withdrew from Rutgers University and waited to be faced with criminal charges.

Ravi was indicted last month on 15 separate criminal charges, two of which carry a ten year maximum sentence each. Wei’s charges were curiously delayed. Which brings us to today.

CBS reports:

Wei, 19, has been admitted into a pre-trial intervention program. This allows her to potentially avoid jail time and a criminal record.

The agreement requires Wei to cooperate with prosecutors and complete 300 hours of community service, in addition to getting a job. If she does all of that for three years, prosecutors would drop the two counts of invasion of privacy against her.

Clementi’s parents issued a statement regarding Wei’s deal, saying they don’t object to it, reports CBS station WCBS.

Wei was not indicted, but her friend and former classmate Dharun Ravi was.

Ravi faces 15 criminal counts including bias intimidation, his most serious charge, for allegedly using his laptop to remotely turn on the webcam in the room he shared with Clementi.

Wait, what? Wei isn’t facing criminal charges at all? Granted, we only know what we’ve seen in the news, but every single thing we’ve learned about this young woman suggests that she was complicit in the death of a classmate. Not just complicit, but the very cause of it. Wei and Ravi filmed and broadcast their gay classmate in an attempt to out and humiliate him over the internet. And it completely worked – to a catastrophic degree the two were completely unprepared for.

So why is Molly Wei avoiding jail time?

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