This Mom Moved to the United States to Make a Better Life for Her Queer Son (Video)

This Mom Moved to the United States to Make a Better Life for Her Queer Son (Video)

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The Human Rights Campaign released a touching video that reveals how far one woman was willing to go to protect her queer son.

In the video, a young man named Javier tells the story of how his mother fled Guatemala with him in order to find a safer, LGBTQ-friendly home.

“There just came a point where my mom decided we can’t stay in this country. It’s not safe for my family. It’s not safe for me. And so she made the sacrifice to come to the US,” Javier recalls.

But it wasn’t easy. Javier and his mother had to live in the US illegally. Javier’s mother, an educated woman, could only find work as a housekeeper due to her immigration status.

Despite everything, Javier remains hopeful in the face of Donald Trump’s xenophobic regime.

“When I realized that Trump would be our next president, my first thoughts didn’t go to all the bigotry and all the racism that we still face in this country,” he says. “It went to all of the good people who helped my family and I.”

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