These Adorable Gay Twins Teach Us the Best Ways to Flirt Online (Video)

These Adorable Gay Twins Teach Us the Best Ways to Flirt Online (Video)

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The Monastero twins — Luke is the red-haired one and Adam is the brunette — just downloaded Hornet, the world’s premiere gay social app, and they’re both single and ready to mingle!

In addition to Hornet’s regularly updated news, local events and place listings (rated by actual users), they’re interested in talking to guys. As self-proclaimed “veterans in the field of online dating,” they’ve got some tips on how to attract dudes and maybe even find a boyfriend.

“I don’t know if I want to be known as a veteran on gay datings apps,” Luke says. “That’s not a cute look.” Regardless … onto their advice!

1. Take good profile pictures

The twins call profile pictures “the most important aspect of online gay dating” because it’s the primary way of conveying your personality. Your profile picture will help guys decide whether they want to talk or move on.

Here are some dos and don’ts from the twins:

Do have a clear, concise selfie: Take an in-focus image without lots of distracting things in the background.

Do use good lighting and angles: Take plenty of selfies until you get one that really shows off your good side.

Do smile: You don’t have to force it, but it helps to look friendly or approachable.

Don’t look like a model: If you look like a professional photographer styled and posed you, it’s weird and a bit of a turn-off (for the Monastero twins, at least).

Don’t have another person in your photo: Especially if they’re better looking than you, a second guy in your profile pic can potentially confuse or disappoint others.


2. Make your bio reflect your personality

The bio that appears below your picture is your second way to convey who you are. So, if you’re funny be witty, if you’re a student, like your job or want to highlight any of your attractive physical features, do it.

Adding an emoji or two can add a friendly, flirty vibe to your bio. But most of all, be confident and be yourself — you’re worth meeting, so don’t be shy.


3. Converse with style

It’s a good idea to start off the conversation with a warm greeting. Perhaps try complimenting something in the person’s picture or bio. It shows that you pay attention and are interested.

Be authentic and confident (of course), but it’s also best to avoid one-word responses. They can make it seem like you’re busy, cold or disinterested.

The Monastero twins suggest not sending a dick pic in the first message. They jokingly suggest sending one in the second message, but in most cases, it’s generally a good idea to wait until someone expresses interest before sending one.

Remember, not everyone responds immediately and not everyone will be into you. “Take it with a grain of salt,” Adam recommends. “Don’t take it personally.”

Luke agrees and suggests staying positive. “There’s millions of fish in the sea,” he reminds us.

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