monet x change's mom
monet x change's mom

Monét X Change’s Mother Finally Discovered Her Son’s Drag Career, and Her Reaction Was Beautiful

One of our favorite contestants on the current season of RuPaul’s Drag Race (and a frontrunner for Miss Congeniality) Monét X Change broke hearts and left eyes teary with her story of growing up in the Caribbean, where LGBTQ people are not easily accepted. During the season we discovered that Monét X Change’s mom had a distant relationship with her son, not fully understanding or accepting that he did drag. But that has all changed now. In a new Facebook post Monét X Change reveals that his mom is now fully aware he does drag, and that she is super supportive of his career.

“Sooo I just got an incoming call from my mom. Apparently from the many times I tried to explain to her what Drag Race was … she never really understood through the phone,” Monét X Change says. “She doesn’t do technology, and does not have VH1 (she ONLY watches Lifetime and HGTV).”

“This PRIDE season I did a video with ‘The Root’ about being West Indian and gay, which has apparently been circling around the island of St. Lucia (where I’m from) about who I am, who are my parents, etc. (it’s a very small island lol…it’s been on the evening news),” he said.

It’s hard to show #PRIDE for your sexuality when your culture has a history of shaming your very existence—@monetxchange shares her journey of growing up as a gay man and also being Caribbean.

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In the video with The Root, Monét X Change explained the difficulties of growing up gay in St. Lucia, and what inspired him to do drag: “The only aspect of that I ever saw was when I used to go to St. Lucia Carnival every summer. There was this one tall gay dude, his name was Sharmark. He was like 6’5” and he would be in like a woman’s garment with like the bra and the panties and the thong, and like living his dreams, living his truth.”

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“But I remember feeling such an affinity and feeling inspired by this person that I had never known, that I still don’t know, but there was something about him being so unapologetically himself,” he says. “I was like, ‘Oh, this shit is fierce!'”

But what did Monét X Change’s mom think of the video after she saw it?

monet x change's mom
Monet X Change

“My mom finally saw the video, and I guess it all clicked,” he says. “She went online, researched the show, and all about who Monét X Change is. This is what she had to say to me: ‘Sweetheart … you know I love you, and I’m proud of you. I love you.’”

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“Getting that love and acceptance from your mommy is unquantifiable,” says Monét X Change, “and not something I knew I needed, until I just got it. Happy Pride.”

We’re not crying … you’re crying!

What do you think of Monét X Change’s mom and her acceptance of her son’s drag career?

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