Montana Needs The Death Penalty To Protect Against HIV Spitballs?

Montana Needs The Death Penalty To Protect Against HIV Spitballs?

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Republican Rep. Janna Taylor has begged the Montana courts to not prevent the death penalty. Apparently Montana prisons are rife with cases of HIV positive prisoners killing prison guards with self-fashioned HIV spitballs. And we must kill these would-be killers!

Except that’s not at all how HIV is transmitted.

Taylor pleads with the court, “Now as soon as I sit down, about five minutes later I’ll think of the exact thing I should have said. But please, PLEASE keep the death penalty in Montana.”

Umm, maybe you should have forgone standing up altogether, if this is the type of drivel you come up with when you are standing.

Also worth noting, an excerpt from Taylor’s “Accomplishments” page on her website.

Janna Taylor’s major fault is that she does not tell people about her accomplishments. We were both first elected for the 2005 session and I want people to know her strengths.

Eek. We’re going to have to respectfully disagree with you here, Ms. Taylor. Ignorance about the spread of HIV used as evidence to kill prisoners certainly outweighs ‘not telling people about your accomplishments’. Oh, and we’re not too crazy about you speaking in third person, either.

What do you think of Taylor’s HIV paper blowdart story?

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