More ‘Don’t Say Gay’ Bill Ridiculousness

More ‘Don’t Say Gay’ Bill Ridiculousness

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MSNBC gets to the horrible, horrible bottom of the entire ordeal.

“What will happen is a kid comes to a teacher and says he or she is gay?”

“Well, it would be illegal if the teacher were to then respond and entertain some kind of a conversation. I don’t understand this Richard, and I can only assume that it’s born of some naivety that says “If you say it, then you’re gonna catch it.” You know, as if you could catch “the gay” or some such thing.”

The video is absolutely worth a moment of your time.

Let’s all do our part to curb the pervasive ignorance surrounding this bill and spread our deep concern and offense to this bill like wildfire. Tennessee obviously cannot be trusted to regulate itself on this matter. The rest of us across the country need to hold the state accountable. Tell your family and friends about this bill, share it on Facebook and Twitter. Our job here is to shame Tennessee into abandoning this law.

Because seriously, they should be ashamed of themselves.

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