Hornet Launches #MoreThanAFace Campaign with Drag Queens and Kings of New York City

Hornet Launches #MoreThanAFace Campaign with Drag Queens and Kings of New York City

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The fourth season of New York City’s Lady Liberty Drag Competition comes to a close on June 30th. In anticipation, Hornet is launching social media campaign #MoreThanAFace to shine a light on the drag queens and kings who competed this season.

Gay social networking app Hornet focuses on community building and creating deeper connections amongst its users. To promote this message, Hornet asked the Lady Liberty competitors to share something more personal about themselves – something their fans may might not know about them, even if we are very familiar with their drag persona. This will help promote a deeper connection between these drag artists and their audiences by finding out more about the people behind the makeup. The campaign hopes to example set an example by these artists will encourage more open dialogue amongst the community.

Vincent Cooper, event producer and Lady Liberty creator, told us, “Hornet chose to champion drag queens for this campaign to promote inclusivity and acceptance, especially since drag is not always appreciated on other LGBT apps.”

“Profiles on the Hornet grid are noticeably different from its competitors in that people show their faces,” General Manager Tim Greene explains. “This openness is consistent with Hornet’s mission to be the number one gay network for facilitating meaningful interactions. #MoreThanAFace celebrates and emphasizes the transparency of the Hornet culture and encourages our users — drag queens or not — to be proud of who they are really are.”

Cooper adds: “Let’s support a company that is making large stride towards active inclusivity and meaningful connections.”

Take a look at some of the contestants’ #MoreThanAFace pics:

Allegra Spread

Cherry Poppins

Coco Taylor

Constance Busti-Ae


Gloria Swansong

Jessie James

Laced Molly


Loretta Stoned

Miss Carriage


Misty Mountains

Miz Diamond Wigfall

Nadia Fusionn

Olivia Cox


Pierretta Viktori


Precious Envy

Stefani Victoria Spears

Stella Artoit

Sugar Magnolia


Tess Tickles

Thanary Heavens

Trannie Frank

Valerie Bedanza

Viva Vidalia

Want to show us your face? Share a pic on social media with the hashtag #MoreThanAFace and make sure to tag Hornet.

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