A Mother Stabbed Her Son to Death Because He Was Gay

A Mother Stabbed Her Son to Death Because He Was Gay

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This is heartbreaking. According to Fox News, a mother in Brazil has admitted to hiring men to beat up her son and then later stabbed him to death. The reason? Simply for being gay.

On December 29, Tatiana Lozano Pereira lured her 17-year-old son Itaberli Lozano to their home. After kicking him out over a disagreement, Pereira pretended that she wanted to make peace with her son and welcomed him back home. Instead of a peace offering, she had hired two “thugs” waiting for him when he arrived; Pereira had hired them to beat him up and “teach him a lesson.”

After deciding this wasn’t enough, she ordered the two teenage boys to kill him. They refused, so she took the knife herself and stabbed her son to death.

With the help of her husband (the boy’s stepfather), they carried the body to a field near Highway José Fregonezi in Cravinhos and burned it. Lozano’s grandmother reported his disappearance and began to suspect the mother’s responsibility. Authorities discovered the teenager’s charred body on January 7.

The victim’s uncle, Dario Rosa, believes that Pereira killed her son because she couldn’t accept him for being gay. However, Pereira is claiming she did it because of drugs.

Translated from Portuguese, UOL reports:

Dario Rosa, the teenager’s uncle, denied that Itaberli had any contact with drugs and believes that the fact that he was gay was the main reason for his mother’s action.

“He had a job, he was very polite, he never quarreled with anyone, he only had problems with his mother, who did not accept that he was a homosexual,” he said.

“A mother has to love her son, not kill. The family is torn, it will be difficult to recover,” said the uncle.

When asked, the couple’s lawyer said the mother denied any connection between his son’s sexual orientation and the crime. “The problem she had with him was the threats he made and his behavior because of the drug. She has pictures with him and gay friends, but he changed because of drugs and started to threaten everyone,” he said.

When we Googled “Itaberli Lozano” we found a video of what looked like the boy’s burned body. We obviously aren’t sharing that. That video and this whole story are an awful reminder of the scary homophobia that still exists in this world.

Rest easy Itaberli. We hope peace has finally found you.

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