instagram, gay, sexy, hot, cooking, baking, food
instagram, gay, sexy, hot, cooking, baking, food

15 Instagram Shots of Mouth-Watering Queer Cooks

Looking for a tasty treat? So is Instagram, where everyone’s licking their chops for some lovely queer cooks. We’ve rounded up 17 of our favorite delectable morsels; prepare for an onslaught of gay guys who know their way around a ladle.

Her majesty would be so proud:


An optical illusion has us craning our necks to peer into the kitchen at this sexy chef:


Not sure this would pass muster in a five-star restaurant but we do approve of this kitchen uniform:

Cooking in Lycra. ? #n2n #gayass #instagay #gaylycra #gaycook

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We won’t lie, there have been Thanksgivings where we’ve been tempted to just give up on the turkey and tuck into a giant thing of wine.

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Let’s tuck into this tempting baklava together. Woof.



That’s one big whisk you’ve got there.

A handsome homemaker prepares Thanksgiving! Our hearts are swooning.

Hubby cooking ??? #thanksgiving #gaycook

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Stirring sticky dough is apparently a highly effective upper body workout.


Kiss the cook? Don’t mind if we do.


Uh huh. We totally believe that this guy is a chef. Please, sir, tell us all about how delicious your empty ladle of air tastes.

Our new favorite superhero:


It’s a bit late to be killing the lobster once it’s this bright red, but do you what you must, chef.

The start to Lobster Mac. #gaychef #gaylife #cook #gaycook

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