The New Mr. Clean is a Very Sexy Black Man

The New Mr. Clean is a Very Sexy Black Man

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There is a new Mr. Clean in town and he is a bald, buff, beautiful and black.

Can you say daddy as fuck?

Mike Jackson has been selected as #TheNextMrClean and will help fill the legendary white shoes while Mr. Clean “takes a much-deserved extended vacation” according to Procter and Gamble.

“It’s definitely a dream come true to become the next Mr. Clean,” Jackson said in a statement. “While it’s impossible to replace the iconic Mr., I’m excited for this opportunity to help people tackle the most seemingly impossible messes while he’s away… and have some fun!”

We are loving the diversity and inclusion here. As a writer at Black Matter US points out, “This may sound funny but if you look deeper you’ll see that Mike Jackson’s mission is much more important than just being a character from an advert. Appearing in the media on the daily basis and being associated with order, comfort and safety he has a unique chance to improve the general image of black people.”

Jackson is from Atlanta, Georgia and currently works in sports marketing, managing events and emceeing. He enjoys working out, traveling and reading. He collects hotel room keys and loves the watching Science Channel, History Channel, ESPN, and Family Guy.

“Mr. Clean has been tough on grease and grime for 60 years and we’re confident that Mike has what it takes,” said Kevin Wenzel, Associate Brand Director at Procter and Gamble. “We had so many great entries in #TheNextMrClean contest and we are very thankful for everyone’s enthusiasm and participation.”

But that’s not the only sexy thing happening with Mr. Clean.

The other Mr. Clean is about to make the Super Bowl a little hotter this year and we are all for it.

This is the first time Mr. Clean is making a Super Bowl appearance in an ad, and he is doing it very, very sexually. With a bubble butt, shiny bald head,  learn torso and perfect pecs; Mr. Clean is the daddy of our dreams.

The ad entitled “Cleaner of Your Dreams” finds him popping up in a woman’s house to scrub away the grit and grime. Whatever he is scrubbing, we love the way he gets down and dirty . We will be eagerly awaiting his historical appearance at this year’s Super Bowl.

Watch the 30-second spot below:

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